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Apple Scruffs
Cameo appearances
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There are a fair few celebs who pop up throughout The Rutles' film. Below is a list of 'em, and who their characters:


George Harrison (Interviewer)


Michael Palin (Eric Manchester, Rutles Corp. Press Agent)


Bianca Jagger - (Martini McQuickly)


Gwen Taylor (Mrs Iris Mountbatten & Chastity [Ron Nastys wife] )


Jon Belushi (Ron Decline, The Most Feared Promoter In The World)


Bill Murray (Bill Murray The K, radio DJ)


Ron Wood (Hells Angel)


Paul Simon (Himself)


Mick Jagger (Himself)


Dan Ackroyd (Brian Thigh, ex-record producer who turned down the Rutles)


Barry Cryer (Dick Jaws, Music Publisher)