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Apple Scruffs
The Rutles
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The Rutles are probably the most famous tribute band (of sorts.) Comprising of two famous blokes (Eric Idle and Neil Innes) and two not-as-famous blokes (Rikki Fataar and John Halsey), The Rutles are more of a spoof than a tribute. Watch "All You Need Is Cash" - it is exactly the same as The Beatles' story, except the words and music are different. Eric Idle plays the ever-optimistic Dirk McQuickly, the ever-optimistic bassist. Niel Innes is Ron Nasty, witty, angry, and making offensive comments about God. Rikki Fataar is the silent Stig O'Hara, and lastly John Halsey plays Barry Wom, the drummer who grew his hair like the others to save on Brylcreem.

x The Rutles' Story

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