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Apple Scruffs
About Me
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NAME: Jaynie
LOCATION: South East England.
FAVOURITE NON-BEATLE BANDS: The Kinks, The Who, Maroon 5, Queen, Muse, Simon & Garfunkel, George Michael, T-Rex, Little Richard, The Police
LOVE: The 1960s, hippies, Monty Python, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, rock n roll, the 1950s, gigs, Liverpool, Woody Allen, James Dean, Roy Lichtenstein, Angelina Jolie

HATE: Oasis, pop music, animal cruelty, depression, going to work, selfishness, Essex, Heather Mills, my own pessimism 
MEMBER: George, John, Paul, Ringo in that order
The Cavern Beatles

FILM: Help!
ALBUM: With The Beatles, Beatles For Sale, Let It Be
INSTRUMENT: John's Rickenbacker 325. (It's a sexy bitch.)
ERA: Early ('62-'64)
SOLO: Wings, George Harrison

Me in Beatle-esque situations

~ With a Gretsch guitar like George's
With a Rickenbacker 325 guitar like John's
Meeting Jane Asher



(Beatle) Places I Remember


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The Beatles