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Apple Scruffs
(Beatle) Places I Remember
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I've been to Liverpool twice; once for a tribute band gig and once just for a visit. I was pretty damn excited both times - this is Liverpool - The Beatles' birthplace! And you certainly can't forget that when you go. It must be a bitch to live in Liverpool if you're not a Beatles fan. The people were so lovely, welcoming and helpful. If you get the chance, visit.

[ YE CRACKE - Pub near the art college that John, Stu & Paul attended. They would hang out here when they skipped school

THE GRAPES - Pub frequented by The Beatles during their Cavern days.

MENDIPS - John Lennon's childhood home, near Strawberry Field. ]

Yellow Submarine statue, Albert Dock

Ye Cracke pub

The Grapes pub


Cavern Wall of Fame

Cavern pub and John Lennon memorial

Inside the Beatles shop

Outside the Beatles shop


I'm not a big fan of London, but there are loads of Beatle locations to...locate. Abbey Road, the Paperback Writer/Rain location in Cheswick Park, Paul's house, to name a few.

My message on Abbey Road wall

Abbey Road sign

Abbey Road studios