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Like Father, Like Son :: Dhani Harrison
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Dhani Harrison was born on August 1st 1978 at the Princess Christian Nursing Home in Windsor, England. George named him Dhani because of dha and ni, notes of the Indian music scale, pronounced "Danny" Sources say that the two notes preceeding these on the scale are 'Ma' and 'Pa'.

Dhani attended a local primary school in Henley-on-Thames called Badgemore Primary. After completing his years there, he went to the nearby Shiplake College. By November of '02, he had graduated from Brown University in America, which he called a lovely but hard place.

Today he is working in design and music. He and friend Oli Hecks designed the Brainwashed cover. More recently Dhani appeared in a George Harrison tribute along with many of George's showbiz pals.

Below are some pictures of Dhani which particularly highlight the similarity between himself and his father.