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Apple Scruffs
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I've just got back from seeing The Cavern Beatles, a fantastic Beatles tribute band. I'm still on a bit of a high from it, so bear with me! And don't ask me about set list - I can tell you what they played but not in any order.


The theatre was quite small - about 2/300 people in the audience in total. The lights went down and sound clips were played that are featured on the first chapter of the Anthology series, with George saying "I think we're either gonna be up thur or down thur ........." then it was the "I'm Ringo and I play the drums........." etc.   Then there was a sound clip of screaming and the opening to Twist and Shout blasted out. The curtain raised and there were The Cavern Beatles. Admittedly, they weren't perfect look-a-likes, but they more than made up for it in sound. John especially was so spot on it was creepy. They did about an hour and a half of the really early Beatles stuff; stuff from With The Beatles and Please Please Me. My favourites/ones I didn't expect them to do included This Boy, Money (That's What I Want), and Anna (Go To Him). George also did I Need You and it was GORGEOUS! That's one of my favourite George songs and I wasn't expecting him to do it.  At the end of that set, George, Paul and Ringo left the stage and John stayed on. He did You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, which was so good. His voice is just spot-on. Then he left to "Age about four years" and George came on and did a beautiful acoustic Here Comes The Sun. It was so moving.


They then all came on and did a few from the Rubber Soul era. My particular fave was Drive My Car. The highlight of the show for me was the 1969 era - they did practically all of the Let It Be album. Highlights for me were One After 909.


The best bit of the whole show was during the encore. It was the Let It Be era and Paul said "Now we'll have to play the next one before we get arrested" then he said "But I guess you younger ones in the audience don't know what I mean" and I shouted out "Yeh we do!" and Paul said "Yeh we do!!" in a kind of mocking way, then he went "Right, this is for the loud one at the back" and nodded to me! Hooray! I had a song dedicated to me! (It was Revolution by the way)


All in all it was an amazing night. It's a pretty dumb thing to say I guess but so many of the songs you could just shut your eyes and you could've been at an original Beatles show. The only thing is that they didn't do any of Revolver / Sgt Pepper / Magical Mystery Tour, but that didn't seem to matter at the time because it was such a fab night.